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Today the actors we are seeing used to be some of the most handsome and smart actors of their time,

Although they may look incredible on the big screen and in magazines, here’s your memo: celebrities are humans too. They

It looks like some people have it all in life: power, fame, influence, and money while most of us, everyday

Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence these days. Why wouldn’t you? As if you haven’t heard about her enough already, here are

There’s no doubt that the ethics and morals of our society have seen a drastic change toward dissolution in the

The history of film is cluttered with stories about stars who were an inch away from playing roles that got

We can guarantee that you’ve probably never used (or even heard of) these bizarre and unique musical instruments.   Contrabass

The comic book world can host a huge and varied assembly of incredibly powerful beings and characters. Nevertheless, there are

Very seldom do low budget movies become big hits as they are generally not as appealing as their high-budget counterparts.