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  Your truth is your own. It’s personal and does not have to mean grand adventures. It’s exactly what you

It takes a rare person to accumulate a total net worth over $20 billion through a devoted work ethic while maintaining

  That old Loverboy song “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” rings true for so many of us who give their

  Gyms make great people-watching, almost like state fairs. It’s easy to plant yourself on a machine to watch the

  Stephen Hawking’s life is remarkable in many ways. Firstly, because he is a brilliant physicist and has made groundbreaking

From its bloody origins to its sweet, chocolaty modern day traditions, these are interesting facts you didn’t know about Valentine’s

Did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? Or that green wasn’t even his color? These are little known facts

Science sometimes has a reputation of being callous and cold, nevertheless there are a good amount of feel good scientific

If you are not sure who Rowan Atkinson is, it’s enough to say just one name – Mr. Bean! Born

Comprised of Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard; the United States is home to the world’s most