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Boy: Xcuse Me Girl: Jee Kahiye Boy: Mere Hone Wale Bacho Ki Taraf Se Apko Happy Mother’s DAY….   Girl:

Santa- kal meri shadi hai aur ladki walo ne kam log bulaye hai. Banta- to isme prob kya hai? Santa-pata

SINDHI 2 GUJRATI: Aap kya lenge thanda ya garam? GUJRATI: Dono hi mangwado Sindi:sunti ho? 2 glass pani le aana,

Hitler says, “There is no word like IMPOSSIBLE in my dictionary” Sardar says: Ab bolne se kya faayda? “Jub kharidi

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Sports Jokes! Our website boasts of a collection of all types of jokes on sports. Not only are they hilarious,

School jokes

Going to school might be boring and tedious for some, but the mood can be lightened easily with the help

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Are your children or friends afraid of the ghouls and monsters that go bump in the night? Chase the fright

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Jokes about computers, the internet, email, websites and lots more jokes and internet and web humor. What is the favorite

Animals jokes

Where does fish keep their money? In a river-bank! When is it bad luck to see a black cat? When

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Air hostess: Sir kya loge? Jatt: Milk Badam, Kheer, Bread Pakora n Tandoori Chicken wid Naan.. Airhostess: Sir tusi jahaaz