Photography Helped Me Defeat Depression And See The World In A New Light

Photography Helped Me Defeat Depression And See The World In A New Light

In 2012 I was 25, married to the woman of my dreams, had a great job, a nice house and seemingly had it all. But there was an emptiness deep inside that suddenly reared its head and I found myself in a doctors office being diagnosed with depression. Life had lost its color and light. Nothing no longer appealed to me. I was in a dark, scary place and didn’t even really know why.

We had a planned trip to Europe coming up and although we were so close to cancelling due to my health, I managed to get myself together just enough to leave home. Like all vacations, we had a camera with us, this time it was the new DSLR my wife wanted. I soon found that I really liked composing shots and trying to be creative with photos. I was looking at things a little differently.

Once we got home I happened to download instagram and photography entered my mind once again. I pulled the camera back out of the cupboard and started to take photos of my dog and every day things around the house. Eventually I made my way down to the beach to watch the sunrise. My life hasn’t been the same since.

I would be lying if I said my depression left overnight but over the next few months, the more I began taking photos, the more I began to see love and beauty in the world. Depression had stripped my life of its color but looking through a lens was slowly painting it all back. Places and objects that I once would have walked right passed were now standing out to me. They were appealing and revealed something to be admired.







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